Dark Poetry

Ego Monster

Ego maniacal-
Tortured soul.
It's all about money,
Ya know???

Just another fucking guy.
Just another fucking guy.

Using his power-
His manipulation of words
Slithering off his bitter tongue.

He has wronged me!
He has wronged my family!

He doesn't deserve me!
At least that's what my self righteous ego told me.

The Trail of the Tear

It's when I cry
That I feel most alive.
This emotion in me
Is moving out of my eyes.
It is meaning
Even if no one sees it.
It is speaking
Through its glistening.
Leaving a trail down my cheek.
The trail is this poem.
Please don't wipe it away
Even if it is mascara-stained.
For it tells a story
Of this memory affecting me.
And the presence it carries
Mirrors the path left inside me.
Through my heart and
Throughout my mind
What is left I find
Will be special forever.
You'll be in my heart forever.
So, please don't wipe the poetry away.