Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Dreams come true! It can happen to you...if you're young at heart."

Today I awoke from a vivid dream, which was reassuring to me as I haven't written an interpretation in my dream journal in two weeks! Dreams are messages from my unconscious to my conscious and bring about greater self awareness. I feel more connected to my unconscious, more balanced, like I am a complete functioning being -- rather than living separate waking and sleeping lives. It's a positive union; one that gives me great confidence throughout my day.

When interpreting my dreams, I first write a complete description of the images and events, then decifer the spiritual messages on a basic level, trying not to read too deeply into the book's meanings, but more into the context of the dream and my own personal emotions toward the events. I then sit back and relish in my psychic abilities as I watch my random dream images appear in the day's events. It is really quite fascinating to hear someone ask me a question about potty training a puppy, when in my dream last night, I had to discipline a puppy for having an accident in the house. These types of occurances help me build trust with myself and develop faith in my abilities. I highly recommend trying dream interpreting. It is life changing.

So, today I awoke from an episode in which a very ego driven man came to my house and somehow destroyed all of the branches of a tree in my front yard. At first I was bummed because I've dreamt about trees before and I know how they are directly related to the soul and the life principle. To have my "spiritual" symbol decapitated like that -- I was worried. As the roots represent the past and the foundations of my personality and unconscious, I could rest easy knowing that as least THEY were still in tact. With most of the trunk remaining, which relates directly to my present situation and social role, I was feeling less and less intimidated. You see, the branches symbolize the future and my higher functions, and well, to be completely honest -- I havent' felt as creative and inspired as I was when I began this mission.

...until today.

I met that ego driven man on the big screen in a movie called, "Limitless." Bradley Cooper plays an amazing role of a writer who finally taps into the other 80% of the brain that is not typically used and creates the life that he has only dreamed of. It's genius! Even if I don't have an endless supply of NZT, the brain enabling pill he takes, I can draw from his example and apply it to the growing branches of my new and improved future. By eating healthier, walking taller, staying alert and on point, outlining my dreams in steps and boosting my brain power -- I can make anything happen!

"He that have patience can have what he will." --Ben Franklin

"Persistance and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race." --Calvin Coolidge

It's easy to see now that the guy who destroyed my tree was really my unconsciousness clueing me into the possibilities of a new, better future than I even imagined. And that is why. I must imagine it first, piece by piece, step by step, with a quiet integrity and saavy persistance. I feel like I can now forge ahead with new energy and fervor -- almost as if I had my own dose of NZT and have tapped into my full brain potential with every synapse crackling. I have connected my conscious to the power of my unconscious dreams and can now comprehend the complex equations that will unlock the door to my waking dreams.

"Dreams can come true! It can happen to you...if you're young at heart." --Frank Sinatra

Don't let the old, skeptical person inside hold your inner child hostage! Get inside your mind and PLAY!

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