Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Distance Relationship (in haiku)

It's been one week since I left Long Beach.  Kansas City has never felt so far.

Haiku cause I miss you

I tried not to dwell
But the clouds came and rain fell
I miss you like hell

Full moon in my sky
Vivid thoughts of you and I
Can't sleep, its so bright!

You start a new life
I'm outta sight, outta mind?
My phone's not ringing

I feel the chaos
Stirring inside my blue heart
I think I know you

My mind won't shut off
I remind myself its cool
And try not to think

I gotta stay strong
Passing days are feeling long
Hydration is key

Shower me with love
Little reminders from you
Make distance go - POOF!

Hope to see you soon
Before another full moon
Comes and goes, ruv roo.


  1. Very raw, full moon enhanced writing :) Not gonna lie, it took some guts to post on here.

  2. oh I bet! I can really feel you... and I've gone through those emotions was the best time of times and the worst of times haha

  3. So true! Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. ;)

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