Light Poetry

"The Journey is the Reward" 
There's so much to say that hasn't been said,
So much to write that needs to be read.
So many emotions in front of me,
That come with living out my destiny.
My patience is weak,
...I jump into this street.
The traffic is so thick,
I'm bound to be hit.
In the middle of the road,
I walk alone.
I close my eyes,
And trust in life.
This is meant for me.
This is meant to be.
I let it be.
You will be just fine.
Do not be afraid of life!
Life is finite,
No one gets out alive!

Whether it's the flower that grows and thrives,
And later shrivels and dies--
Or the dog that you teach,
Or does she teach you?

Everything that lives
The bare minimum being
The skin on him.
The petals on her.
Their fur.

It all goes back
Into the Earth
To be born again
And take the reigns on life
This is our time.
To LIVE the best we can LIVE
And BE the best we can BE!

It's how we'll survive--
In the light through the tree,
Or under a shell on the beach.
We can only be
As perfect as the nature we see.

There is a greater purpose for me.
Greater than the test of society,
Is the examination inside of me,
The challenge to just be.

Poetic Energy

Poets find each other easily~
As the sounds of their words transcend their pages ,
through walls, time and space.
It is clear to me that our souls dance and flutter
when we share with each other.
It's as if the universe has given us a gift
and we give it back to her,
but not before that gift's creation
creates a ripple through the nations
and tickles the souls of the gracious ones.

Full Moon in Point Loma

So hard on myself
Hard to hear the criticisms in my ear
Comtemplating my ability
To outwit destiny.
Some say its predetermined for me.

All I really know it what my mind can see--
And sometimes the mind is that fellar in the cellar
Who can't see a thing--
Its the fanatic in the attic
That feels from the soul.

My spirit is the answer, shining
Through the stained glass window
That paints my feelings with its colorful glow.
And if the light's off inside,
You'd never know
A spirit exists--

So keep the light lit
And silence the voices,
They don't mean shit.
Just sit.
Appreciate it.
And sigh in relief.
For the breath that goes deep,
Promises the greatest release.


 Mother Lover

We are one
If we breathe.
Together we'll see
The change this mother needs
breeds like weeds.
With no water
No more oil,
She will one day spoil.
A severe mercy
Will plague the land
Reaching inside us all
We will finally be one
Connected by tragedy.
But today it can change
If we remember to breathe
And feel,
Remember how it feels...
It heals, it frees.
We can cure anything
When we turn disease
Into the breeze
Sent from the queen.
Breathing her in
We are so lucky
We are alive.
We can think.
We can breathe.
So exhale
And give back
The oxide of love
To save our mother
From a bitter end.

Looking at the moon
   Through its phases
Makes me think of other places
   Where it is light!
Far from here right now
   But soon to be morning
The sun will bring stories
   And we will compose our own.

Just when you got it all figured out,
It changes.
This life is one life.
We share it with others in our community.
What we bring to it is our mark.
Who we choose to share it with is our choice.
What choices we make
are OUR responsibilty.
The happiness in our lives is created by us.
The drama in our lives is created by us.
By our choices.
So choose wisely
who you choose to see
is who you will be.
I, personally, CHOOSE to be happy.