Haiku for You :)

A haiku or two to look forward to...

The first day of Spring
When the sun warms your dry skin
And you melt again.

Be true to yourself.
Don't fake it til you make it--
Find it in your soul

You were made perfect.
Every choice you make is yours
Leave somthing behind.

I have a feeling.
It comes from deep within me.
It is divine light.

Dreams are who we are.
Follow them and you'll go far.
You get a head start!

Radness is badness
Like the shizzz...nit, it's legit.
It is...what is it?

Spiritual toys...
Play with them every day
and watch your light grow.

I saw you kiss her
Your hands touched her booty, too,
And I'm like, haiku.


Lucy in Dogtown
Don't look down, you might get lost
Pretty little dog.

Strangers greet her first
Her sweet innocence, a bridge
Good dog on my leash.

The chocolate croissant
That could be her end of days
Still she begs for it

When a dog smiles
I can see there is a God
And that God is love.

Writing in the sand
The message may wash away
But the moment stays

We walk to the beach
My good girls walking with me
All our tails wagging.

Canine soul sisters
Howl "I loooove you" at the moon
And dance to the tune!

California girls
Drunken like the ones I find 
Sippin' sweet sunshine!
Ms. Panda the bear
A reporter with blonde hair
Travels everywhere ;)

Ms. Panda believes
in helping others in need
and doing good deeds.

She goes overseas
to save creatures from disease
and man-made forces.

From there she reports
Situations of all sorts
And hugs to comfort.


Its April Fool's Day
We got Bill Cosby all night
Telling racist jokes.

The first of April
And TV dad, Bill Cosby
Sang some gangsta rap.

Bill cosby, the man
Who makes the funny faces
Sure likes Jell-o shots.

Bill Cosby still finds
Silly in the serious
After all these years

How can I not think,
"Take the Cosbys to the pool"

When I poop tonight?


In the rose garden
We are all soaring spirits
Walking on sunshine :)

Dew covered blossoms
So many levels of sweet
Each wetting my nose