Save-the-Earth poetry

The world is one big ball
of emotions
spinning and winding through
the universe inside itself.
With life
Love is alive
With death
love steals breath.
Trees care for us
offering ecstacy to our body
and euphoria to our minds.
The ocean cleanses our souls
as a hungry dog listens
to our woes.
Sadness drips
drops of despair into the air.
Anger fumes jealousy
as shame enters our brains.
Lies ride the highways
like semis on ice.
Jubilance melts the roads
and hope keeps them dry.
Worry sighs at pride
like a regretful old maid
who hides her fear
in the shadows of suffering.
Frustration mates with anxiety
Trying its damndest to make us hysterical
With rage and hostility
until we breathe
The gas from the trees
and expell
a stink from hell.
Our dioxide rich with disgust
Feeding the earth with distrust.
And we expect it to keep giving
And we keep unbalancing
with every shameful breath
we accept and
we take
we take
we take.
Until that tired
ball of emotion
spins out of control
and we wonder why?
But the answer is inside us
Breathe peacefully
Sigh nicely,
with understanding.
And maybe,
Just maybe

our universe
will heal itself.

Save The World Haikus

Our home, Mother Earth
Provides a nice place to live.
To Her we should give.

The Queen of our land
Gives us resources to use
Just not to abuse

It's hard to forget
When I want it so badly
Save the Earth with me!

Plant a tree Susie
Builds forests for you and me
So that we can breathe

Dumpster diving Mike
Rides everywhere on his bike
Recycling life.

Everybody knows
The pollution solution
Is less gas and trash!

One plastic bottle
Will be here a thousand years
That's longer than YOU!

Trashing the planet
We keep throwing out our stuff
One-third of Earth gone!

Global fisheries
Are fished to capacity
Now what do we eat?

Toxic chemicals
Used to make all of our things
Get in our bodies

Oil spills are death
To birds and fish in the sea
Who never get cleaned.

Hunting by humans
Make animals extinct, or
Extremely threatened.

Wild animals,
Like leopards and tigers, are killed
To make rugs and bags.

We think with egos
Our worth gained by what we buy
We think we need it.

The ads on TV
Make us sad with what we have
Told that we are wrong.

We have more stuff now
But less time with families
What matters the most?

Dumped in a landfill
To pollute land, air and water
Garbage makes toxins.

Stop burning the trash!
It releases more toxins
In the air we breathe.

Toxic acid rain
Falls freakishly from the sky
Eats through umbrellas.

People start working
When they see the big picture
On saving the Earth

See the connections
Renewable energy
Wastes no resources

Throw away mindsets
Must soon be thrown away, too
And zero waste gained.

Sustainable Phil
And his closed loop production
Keeps life clean and green.

If you want to help
Visit the zoo close to you
Donate extra, too!

Start a new garden
In a community place
Share with your neighbor

Write a few haikus
Give people some ideas
On what they can do.

The answer is here
The efforts are growing now
Join in your own way.