Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Love of a Panda: Part One

Once upon a time a panda lived freely in the bamboo forest of china. 

She spent many days chomping away on rich, green bamboo and really enjoyed her life. 

Then, one day an evil poacher came into the panda's world and trapped her in a cage! 

He dragged her out of her happy home and sold her to a creepy wizard at the misfits market in underground 

The panda was very frightened for she did not know what the scary looking wizard was going to do with her. 

She was also very hungry and her tummy grumbled for the yummy bamboo back at home.

The wizard took the panda to his castle and set her cage right in the middle of his experimental laboratory.
He examined the panda closely and then cocked his head and went, "umph!"

The panda was confused and scared - until she heard a whisper coming from a cage behind her. 

"It's ok," said the voice. "he just saved you!"

"Huh?" said panda. "who said that?" she turned around in her cage to see rows and rows of pandas in cages 
and other special animals, too. 

"Where are we?" asked panda.

"I don't know, but you're safe now." the voice answered. 

"Safe? I wanna go home!!!"

"It's not the same in the forest anymore panda. The poachers are killing us left and right for our furs! 

You're lucky the wizard found you before you got sold to one of the bad guys!"

"Oh dear," cried the panda. "Nothing is as I thought."

"No, my sweet, it is not."

So the panda sobbed in her cage for she knew that she would never be able to return to her beloved forest. 

Her heart ached for the fresh green bamboo and the foggy mist that would roll onto her face and wake her every morning. 

As she remembered these things, she heard the lock on her cage lift up.

She lifted her neck to see who it was. 

It was the wizard and he was carrying a plate of purple bamboo, a special recipe he had created in his lab. 

He placed the plate on the floor of her cage and if it weren't for her incredible hunger, 

the panda would have left it there all night for she was scared that it may harm her.

However, her tummy tossed and turned from her starvation and the purple bamboo actually smelled amazingly
delicious, so she took one small bite and instantly felt the power of the bamboo rush through her veins and straight into her heart. 

She soon had gobbled up every last bite and when she was finished, she felt her heart begin to beat strongly in her chest. 

Her tears were long dried up and she felt different - new somehow - as if the wizard's creation had given her 
special loving powers in her heart. 

She did not know how he did it, but the panda immediately felt trust and love for her captor. 

Once wild and free, yet now captive, the panda felt the best she had ever felt and wanted to hug every animal 
around her. 

This feeling must be shared, she thought.

She concentrated really hard on the love in her heart and sent out vibrations to her new neighbors. 

One by one, they began to stir and soon the whole laboratory was buzzing with energy and love. 

It worked! 

To Be Continued...

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