Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The world is one big ball of emotions
Spinning and winding through
The universe inside itself.

With life,
Love is alive.
With death,
Love steals our breath.
Trees care for us
Offering ecstacy to our body
And euphoria to our minds.
The ocean cleanses our souls
As a hungry dog listens to our woes.
Sadness drips
Drops of despair into the air.
Anger fumes jealousy
As shame enters our brains.
Lies ride the highways
Like semis on ice.
Jubilance melts the roads
And hope keeps them dry.
Worry sighs at pride
Like a regretful old maid who hides
Her fear in the shadow of suffering.
Frustration mates with anxiety
Trying its damndest to make us hysterical
With rage and hostility
Until we breathe
The gas from the trees
And expell
A stink from hell.
Our dioxide rich with disgust
Feeding the earth with distrust.
And we expect the earth to continue giving
Yet, we keep unbalancing it
With every shameful breath
We accept
And we take
And take
And take
Until that tired
Ball of emotion
Spins out of control.

And we wonder, Why?
But the answer is inside us

Breathe peacefully
Sigh nicely,
With understanding.
And maybe,
Just maybe

Our universe will heal itself.

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