Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was recently asked,

I immediately replied, "Your question is quite deep.  I will think about my answer and get back to you."  Two weeks later, I answer this:
As a race that occupies this earth, I feel we are a part of the natural flow already.  We would not be where we are intellectually if not for the many before us who have paved this road -- building wisdom and testing the power of empire building.  It's all a cycle and it is bound to repeat again and again! That is unless we can use our wisdom to correct our karma now.

I believe that is the true nature of enlightenment.  We can continue to raise our individual and even group consciences, but as a universal soul, we are presented with the ultimate challenge.  It would take many like-minded individuals achieving peace within themselves and sharing that positive energy with others.  An energy so positive would easily gain respect and mimicry, possibly leading many to enlightenment.
However, as is the law of universal balance, for every good deed there is an equal evil out there.  Therefore, I believe that we are doing both:  helping and hindering enlightenment.  Unless evil is banished, which sounds so glorified, but it is the dead truth, we will never reach enlightenment as a whole planet.  Enlightenment as a whole simply cannot exist with the existence of evil and wrong doings.  Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, wrote, "Genuine Goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum," and I think that is so important for all of us to remember as we battle the swift currents of social evils and fight our own good fights!

Part II:  If God looked down on the people of earth what would be said about us?
God is in us, with us, all around us, speaking to us through everything, helping us, saving us, and showing us our paths.  I do not perceive God as a "man above in the clouds" who is looking down.  I see Him as the light/life energy and the universal soul.  He is where we originate and where we return when our time on earth is up.  This short time is our chance to excel in God's school -- to learn and create the greatest gifts of good with what we have been blessed with in life -- and to read His words to know what is right and wrong.  If God said anything, it would probably be, "Remember that I am with you." We all have within us that Divine light.

What would you answer? 

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