Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sea of Change

So many things going on,
Not able to fetch a decent night's sleep.
Wrote a poem about the gypsy in me.
These days prove the difficulty of an unsettled lifestyle,
Especially after being so physically and emotionally close to my family the last three years.

My heart is heavy.
My poem is it's plea.

Sea of Change

This change is a change
of pace
Which the universe did
so unexpectedly give

My heart of gold
Sleeplessly weeps with heavy heaves
My chest grieves
As I begin to finally see what is now me

Moving forward
As my soul lingers in my recent memories
I stare into the high seas
To set sail could be the death of me

Still, I remain at bay
Ready, but steady - taking baby steps
To repair my worn down ship
A list of things to fix

But most important on my list
A new plank for my ship
Perfect to spring from
When the new tide comes

When the sky clears
And the sun melts my fears
It'll be into a calm sea I leap
Washing the uncertainty off of me.

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