Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ms. Panda

Who I am cannot be summed up into words.
Who I am cannot be merely my interests.
Who I am cannot be written in a book.
Who I am cannot be found in a name.

Who I am is a culmination.
Who I am is a totality.
Who I am is vast.
Who I am is me.

A name is a start.
A name is all we have sometimes.
A name gives us an idea of how we can relate.
A name is a bridge between two strangers -
And to remember that name serves as reinforcement of our interest in one another.

Yet, under the blanket of the name is where our true selves exist.
It is in this swirling, twirling of emotions and experiences, 
ups and downs of cycles and depths of expressions, 
pride in our culture and loyalty to our family's traditions,
that one being truly exists.

Yet, it is still deeper than that even.
In my cellular composition -
The things I consume -
The thoughts I think.
This is all me.

Everything plays a role in who I am.
And in who you are, too.
I see this.
Do you?

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