Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Or rather, shall I say, "Changes in frequencies, changes in vibrations."

I'm listening to this as I write.

It reminds me of the many times my high school math teacher played Enya whenever he gave a test.

I remember how the changes in frequency would shoot a burst of mental activity through my mind, like a spiral of energy that threw my thoughts into fast forward.  The familiar high frequency moments in the songs helped me show my algebra work beautifully and rhythmically.  I always loved math tests - especially the timed multiplication ones from elementary school - and was usually the first to turn mine in.

Speaking of elementary school, Mrs. Hjalmerson, my fifth grade teacher, not only played classical music during our tests, she also gave us weekly art lectures.  If I remember correctly, she held a Bachelor's in Art History from UCLA, so art was a very high priority in her curriculum and so was making it.  My class jammed out to Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart as we glued tiny squares of tissue paper onto pieces of construction paper.  I'll always hold a place in my memory for Beethoven's "Fur Elise"..

You can feel the ups and downs in the melody and the rests that keep you hanging, begging for more, for that completeness found in the totality of the song.  Ahhh...

So, my point here is this.  From now on I will be playing music while I write as a sort of experiment to both inspire me to write and observe any signs of change in writing style.  Nothing crazy, just a day-by-day, relaxed approach to inspiration and incorporating better tools for a better job done.

As I listen to the relaxing sounds in the video below, I am going to write haiku about the setting pictured.

The world is ours, friend
As I sit up here, I see
Hold my hand and look

Behind you, your past
With you, I am the present
Give me the future

Big bright skies ahead
The light invites our journey
 Birds guide us along

Pass a flowing stream
The earth's veins, so fresh and cool
Kneeling down, I drink

Blessed to be human
Living, breathing, full of joy
Great spirit inside.

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