Tuesday, January 31, 2012

High Hopes

An ant can move a rubber tree if he believes he can.

"Be strong and courageous." a friend text me that today.

Many things are coming together in my life right now and if I believe in them and give 110% then I, too, may surely move a rubber tree.

Last night, I dreamt of using a kaleidoscope in a loft with a friend.
The loft indicates my highest unconscious inviting me to investigate and get to know my higher self.

My friend symbolizes a part of me - and their actions in the dream show you either what to do, or what not to do in your present situation.

We were sharing the kaleidoscope when he took it and froze it in one picture and then somehow printed it out like art. Hmmm?

My dream interpretation website said, "To see a kaleidoscope in your dream symbolizes the different fragments and facets that make up character. Various aspects of your life are coming together."

I just have to remember to keep turning the mechanism so that the separate parts may continue to mesh and mold as I also continue to grow and change.

Character is all we have in this life.

Some choose good, while others act the role of the bad guy. Some act boldly and reveal character easily, while others are more secretive and shy about letting walls down. Regardless of where we fit, our spirit is in us and our form is our only chance to communicate this divinity within. Therefore, this life, this one stage is our opportunity to combine all of our best parts into a beautiful complex being.

Each day is a new stage to perform on with opportunities to prove our beliefs and I truly believe my dream is telling me to really take notice of all the parts equally, but marvel in the beauty of their unique combination.

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