Monday, November 4, 2013

Be The Light

A lot of life is dictated by our self-made fears and uncanny ability to create the worst possible outcomes in situations, before we allow ourselves to experience them.
A while ago, I began researching fear and found some great content online at the Raptitude blog.
Fear vs Intent
In all things in the world and in life there is polarity.
Opposites. Dark and light, night and day, love and hate, yin and yang.
There are no absolutes and everything is merely a matter of degree.
You cannot hate someone completely without loving them even a tiny bit, whether you acknowledge it consciously or not. It is just a matter of degree.
The manner in which you proceed through life sits in between the poles of fear and intent.
Do you move positively towards the things you want or do you run from the things you dislike?
We all do both but you will tend more often to one side than the other. It may be to a large degree or a small degree.
Insecurity in relationships comes when you are living from fear rather than intent. Instead of the positive decision to have a happy stable relationship you are seeking to avoid an outcome you do not like. It may be the fear that she is cheating, the fear that you are not good enough for her or any other fear. The key is that fear dominates.
Happy successful relationships come about when people are operating with intent. They create the circumstances they want in life rather than avoiding those they do not like.
This is evident in more than just relationships. In fitness it is the difference between trying to avoid becoming fat vs intending to become fit and strong. In your career it is avoiding a boring job vs chasing the job of your dreams. In your finances it is avoiding poverty vs consciously attaining wealth.
It is hard to let go of fear when you have nothing to replace it with. But positive intent is an excellent replacement.
There is a good biblical saying that to light a room you do not need to shovel out the darkness, you just turn on the light. By adopting an intent based mindset you will automatically lose your fear.
I responded by writing a series of haiku poems:
Haiku vs Fear
Him and Them
They try to steal my joy
And I start to bend

But the One
Reminds me to trust
And I lift it all up above

Up To Him
Only Because of Him
Can I really, truly live.

Plan on it
Go write a dream list
And then do it

Before he or they
Make you forget
And dust cakes up on it

Do what you
Always wanted to do
And do it good.

My prayer for you today is that you are able to follow through all things with intent and love, remembering the beauty that you do not always see on the surface of a person's scowling face, but that exists in their heart.
Be the light in your world and do not let fear darken your flame!
Ms. Panda

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