Saturday, December 14, 2013

Poetic Preaching

Recently, I have been going to a new church in San Diego called C3

 I really enjoy the modern atmosphere, club-like feel of the auditorium and the plethora of Australian accents!

What grabs my heart the most is the experience with God that I get every time I am there. 

I've been to many churches and none have grabbed me so intently and deeply as this. 

I feel like I have the Holy Spirit on tap and I drink til I am full every time I go. 

The pastor says some very thought provoking things and I catch myself taking notes every Sunday! 

When I look back at what I've written, it appears like poetry, which is why I've shared. 

Hope you enjoy!! 


Notes from 12/8/13 

Genesis 22 
Abraham offers his son Isaac to God

In the school of life 
God tests me 
To increase me 
To bless me 
And promote me 

It's not about what I possess 
It's what possesses me 

What I can't give 
I don't own 
It owns me 

What's the meaning of life? 
To give life meaning. 

Give till it hurts! 

Go into the market and create a harvest that will bless the kingdom of God. 

Deuteronomy 8:18 

Money is a wicked master 
But a wonderful servant 


What do you think? 


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