Monday, January 13, 2014

Manda's Monday Meditation

The light
The creative energy
In you and me
Is something we see
When we meet
And believe
In what may be

The past me
The me of today
Met in the tank
Old thoughts floated away

The ideas in my mind
Shine down like golden light
Drenching me
Twinkling on the ceiling
As my shadow bounced above me

My breath slow and steady
Deep, long and neutral
My head, arms and legs outstretched 
the entire length of the pool
Tippy toes and finger tips touching the edges
I stretched and swayed side to side 
acknowledging my length, 
my body's reach
I felt whole in myself

Sufficiently me
I am happy
I have all that I need
The day awaits me and I breathe
Smiling and curious
Full and relaxed
Comfortable with whatever He brings.

I have achieved peace.


The words above came to me after floating in a pool of warm water and epsom salt for an hour.

This spa service is similar to the old style "deprivation tanks" and they are meant to isolate the senses and aid in meditation and relaxation.  

My first experience was quite different (you can read about it here) and feeling how much more inner peace I have now was refreshing.  

It is quite an experience and lovely if you enter with patience and are able to find deep relaxation.

I highly recommend to all, regardless of size, shape, age, religion, emotion, opinion, and hopeless abandon.

You will definitely find something in that tank that inspires you.

For me the biggest take away (which I tried to touch on in the words above) was the idea that we all have a glowing light that radiates from within and upon meeting someone for the first time, or seeing them after a long time, it is visible to our spirit and our senses.  

Our lights may dance and frolic and play, or they may be seen as a threat to a person's comfortable darkness.

Whatever the case, I feel it is important to always keep aware of our spiritual light dances with each other and to try to keep our personal energy moving so that our relationships, no matter new or old, will always blossom and grow.

I have found my energy again and I feed it by juicing and eating a healthy diet, exercising, spending quality time with family and friends, and thanking God for all that I am blessed with.


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