Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Float

Yesterday I entered into my first "float," an age old tradition commonly referred to as a deprivation tank, with hopes of achieving a wellspring of creative imagery and ideas.  I scheduled the "float" at Spa Tuscano in Braircliff Village and arrived feeling pretty tired and empty, for I was not sure about eating beforehand.  My hostess led me to the locker room to leave behind my belongings and there I ditched my clothes in exchange for the luxurious white spa robe and slippers they provide.  We then proceeded to a special room with three hot tubs geared for the Goldilocks of the spa world.  They were hot, medium and cool in temperature and each boasted a waterfall that cascaded over a huge boulder backdrop and down into the pool of water.  I was in hot tub heaven! 

Fifteen minutes before my float, my hostess escorted me to the lounge where I made some tea and ate trail mix.  She returned shortly and showed me to the room with the "float" tub in it.  She explained to me how to position myself properly and described a few different ways that I could go about my meditation.  The one thing that stuck with me was her suggestion to breathe deeply, inhaling positivity in and exhaling stresses out.

As I began my float, that is exactly what I did.  As I inhaled, I thought of positive images, like hearts, stars, rainbows and unicorns.  As I inhaled and cast out images of sad times, memories of pain and arguments with my exhalations.  I began to feel like I was pushing it too hard mentally, so I just concentrated on my breathing by counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for each breath in and out.  I noticed a difference from yoga as I was able to expand my lungs to full capacity without the ground underneath me.  My attention became centered on places in my body that were feeling pinches of pain, mainly my lower back and hips.  Although I could feel my body releasing deeper and deeper, I was never able to fully separate my mind from that tinge of pain.

However, images did flow through my head: the number 4, an amazing swimsuit design, an idea to put all of the religious figures at the same table and open up dialogue, an idea about outer space travel and how to get kids to the moon without paying $500K.  But one image kept popping up - my phone.  I couldn't get it out!  I spend so much time on my phone talking and using it for networking, that I thought I could escape it for at least the hour that I was in my service.  Ugh!  I started thinking about my dogs a lot, too - and about taking them out to play.  Maybe I was feeling guilty for being inside on such a lovely day?  Regardeless, these images came to me near the end of my experience, so I guess I was ready to get back to life.

My hostess knocked, turned on the lights, and started the shower for me.  I felt surprisingly rejuvinated, not the tired feeling I had when I walked in the door.  However, I didn't feel like I had mentally birthed anything exceptional and was a little disheartened.  I realize that I will need to work through my aches and pains first to be able to fully get there.  I also feel that the first time doing something new is just cracking open the door.  I will need to go back a few times and feel more comfortable to really gain from it.  I also think I should focus on one specific idea, and meditate on it to see what my singular focus can summons out of my subconscious.  Lots to think about and some work to be done individually before returning.

What I did gain was understanding of the process and that for my individual journey there are some kinks to iron out.  I look forward to it though.  Growing is a process and even as a writer, not all experiences are shiny, happy ones.

Today, I continue my investigation of myself and my abilities by attending a workshop that is designed to heighten my senses and intuition.  Details about the event, "Practical Intuition: Beyond the Five Senses," can be found at:
As always, thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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  1. I look forward to reading your blog everyday Amanda! Thank you so much for sharing...