Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Connecting the Dots...

dot dot dot...

Like dots that punctuate lingering thoughts, 
I heard knock knock knock, no, a bang bang bang...
It was opportunity at my door
And I saw it! And I opened it wide!

This opportunity in front of me
Took the form of a tall, well dressed lady.
I examined her - looked her up and down
And listened closely as she spoke softly.

I didn't know then, what she would teach me
That this loving person was put right there
Right in front of me so He could reach me
And boy, did He! An artist made for me!

Check her paintings out and you, too, can see.
A love of pandas, hearts and poetry
Thank you Lord, for bringing this girl to me
For this amazing opportunity!

Look at her website, and you, too, can see
Encouragement for dreamers, just like me
Art made with LOVE, and words powered by Him
Thank you Jeannette, let the loving begin!

Ms. Panda

Here's a preview of her art for you to see!

I can already feel the stories that go with these images!!!


  1. Amanda...
    as the kindness begins...
    your love is like kin!
    A sister that glisters and glitters within!
    A beauty profound...both inside and out
    my God I'm so thankful
    I'm just gonna shout!...
    Out all this glory
    In all this grace
    from the Spirit that guides me
    who allowed me to trace
    a writer, an artist, a prophetic ace...
    to the holiest, holy Rock Church space...
    at the job fair I find not just a friend but
    tons of free clothes and a job I embrace!
    I am ever so grateful for you my sweet bear
    Lets journey together - in love we'll forbear!

    PS--You beautiful woman--you're an answer to prayer!

  2. This is the most beautiful reply I have ever received on my blog. Thank you so much for your beauty and presence in my life! Hope to see you again soon!!!