Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boutique Make-over at the Rock Church Thrift Store

I've been volunteering at the Rock Thrift Store for nearly 7 months now, and it was no question that the area where all of the "brand" named items are located was not very user friendly.
So a team of volunteers and I took the project upon ourselves to give the space a "makeover."
And now I am happy to report that I am so glad it's over! 
What a build up it was to get it done. After countless meetings, planning sessions, questions and fears about how we could pull it off, we did!
I'm elated, everything went as possible with the help of all my friends and volunteers. 

Donating my time for Jesus is so worth it, when the contribution we all can make helps people find their way to God. 

Our design meetings were strategic and creative, and well planned out. However, what I learned again, was that being creative sometimes is best just left to spontaneity. We all got together and in one evening pulled off the entire feat. Now the women's boutique at the Rock Church Thrift Store looks like its had a complete make-over.

Praise God for everyone that helped make it a success!

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