Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haikus from the Heart

There is nothing like new love.

Falling into that bed of emotions is something that we can only individually understand, but that we can all relate to in each other.

Here's to those out there who have felt heartbreak and are still searching for the right one, and those who already found the right one, but long for the days when those first moments of sweet loving began.

Yes, folks, Ms. Panda is smitten. Here's my take on the newness, haiku-style, of course. ;)


A moment to think
Of a thing called love, in ink
How shall I write it?

It's hard to think
Of the words to pick to say
To do this justice

I have been waiting
Trusting in the universe
To show me this door

Patience holds the key
To a complicated life
Everything's alright

Thunder and lightning
Four nights, cuddling closely
In the cool night breeze

Your eyes quiet time
Open a door in my heart
To a true divine

We frolic and play
You lift me up so freely
Our bodies in sync

My tummy grumbles
And you rub around, and round
Bubbles move through me

What patience has taught
No words in a book can teach
My senses are free!

I cannot believe
What I am able to see
When my eyes are closed

The true sign of love
Is not an action, or word
But rather, a spark

Our music still plays
Electrically inside me
I turn up the amp

I hate saying, "bye"
Our time together may end
But my heart keeps you

It's not too late, no
To find what you've waited for
And grab hold real tight

It's always a game
A chase, followed by a play
How will it play out?


  1. Love it, Lady! Perfectly captures the thrill and excitement and fun and stress of new love :) Being apart sucks, but I believe in all things if it's supposed to work out, it will!

  2. Beautiful just like you! Lucky Man to have these words written about him. I am very happy for you, Amanda Panda<3

  3. Thanks Robin! I feel pretty lucky myself. I've been waiting for this and am excited to see where it goes... ;)

  4. Yay! i am totally linking you darling. of course. overdue! let's wordpress it up soon.