Thursday, June 30, 2011

Panda Hair Payoff

Hey Hey!

Ms. Panda's got some good news! This blogging jazz is about to pay off! (even if it is in trade)

While getting my hairs did by my Kansas City stylist, Robert Arriaga, our conversation led into ideas of writing and blogging and how we may be able to help each other. 

It turns out that Robert is very interested in growing his blog in every way and with my Blogathon experience and network, I have many of the most current tools available to help!

This is his signature diva making move...

We have so much fun!!!  That's how hair should be... You go in with patience, sit back, relax, chat it up, and then just trust your stylist to make you beautiful.  The end result is such a happy place :)

I think our carefree playfulness led him to ask me to be a featured columnist on his blog during a follow up phone conversation! I will have freedom to write about hair and fashion trends on the street, real life hair issues and concerns and maybe even some hairkus. ;)

How bout one right away? 


Blogging about trends

My fashion sense kickin' in

It's Ms. Panda time!


I'm pretty excited since I began experimenting with different hair colors and styles on my own at 18.  
I remember how each look made my persona skew a bit, my wardrobe rotate and a new side of the Panda emerge.  I'm really looking forward to resurrecting those experiences for inspiration!

Thanks for being here!  I'll post links and updates as it all progresses!  Cheers!

Ms. Panda

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