Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mixed Poetry

Today's post includes a poetic tossed salad. 

I am throwing in one fairy tale haiku, a copy of "The Bass Whisperer," written in calligraphy and a haiku inspired by my pen pal, Dana.

I sent the latter two to Dana via snail mail today :)


She finds prince charming
Only exists in her books
But keeps believing

The above written haiku was inspired by two people, Anaïs Nin and my pen pal, Dana.

If you haven't heard of Anaïs Nin, check her out.  I especially love her words.  Like this...

"She took her pattern of life from men but she was not a masculine woman. She demanded the freedom to change, to evolve, to grow. She was not a feminist at all but struggling against the feminine side of herself in order to maintain her integrity as an individual."
-Anaïs Nin
She has many more, all equally delicious reading.

As for Dana's part in all of this, it all started the night we met at that awesome concert.  She spoke about how younger girls try to be so "sexy" nowadays, but that being "sensuous," was way deeper.  Then, last night in an email I wrote her I mentioned my poem, "The Bass Whisperer," and how I had emailed it to the extremely charming bass player from the band that night.  :) I guess he liked it, because he wrote back. I promised Dana that I would write it in calligraphy and send it to her, since it's super sexy and she and her husband, Ron, should love it.

She replied,

"I look forward to reading your poem.  The calligraphy should take it from sexy to sensuous.  I think sensual and sensuous are underappreciated in the world of words...but I digress.  Too bad he (the bass player from the band) had to read it in cold electronic print."

I like that. 




It's true.  That's why I like sharing my calligraphy so often on here.  It just feels different. :)

Thanks for reading!

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