Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Blogathon Recap

I did it!  I finished the 2011 Blogathon -- I blogged every single day in May like a good girl!  

Thanks so much to Michelle Rafter for organizing this Blogathon so professionally and so very compassionately.  I am happy I signed up and never looked back!  From this experience, I have gained the satisfaction of meeting and completing a personal challenge.

Through my month of blogging, my page views have doubled, my poetic voice has strengthened, my blogging "toolbox" has grown and my ability to use these new tools is proving quite useful.

For example, the day I woke to tornado sirens, I also came across an image on Facebook that I couldn't resist asking for permission to use.  I received a yes - and forged ahead with a story that was begging to be told.  That blog quickly became the second most viewed entry in my short blogging history!   I followed my instincts and it worked!  Yes!!!!  :)))

I am happy I finished the race, pushing myself to post daily, starting a new blog on WordPress when Blogger went down and beginning a new creative endeavor for myself!  I also learned about links and how to use them thanks to our hostess Ms. Rafter on her blog.

I plan to keep blogging everyday and found it to be pretty easy after learning about scheduling my posts.  Ah ha!  No more worrying about what I will write and typing wildly until 11:59pm.  Yay!

Finally, I learned about Wordles and even used one as a teaser to my following day's post.  It was fun!  I think I will do it again!

So, in the end I feel happy. :) I hit my wall about half way through, cursed the Blogathon like a sailor, but made it out of the darkness and now I feel goooood.

Looking forward to the next one and adding even more to my box of blogging tools!

Best to all,
Amanda aka Ms. Panda

Wordle: Blog 2011

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