Monday, June 13, 2011

Road trippin' and Nawlens haikuin'

KC to Memphis
Wearing my Elvis glasses
Gold rims and blues play.

God bless the whole world
No exceptions to the rule
Love one another

Little house carry
Your torches and prideful flags
So you can feel BIG

Hillbilly junction
Ten miles ahead of us
Passed the lakes and cows

Billie Holiday
Sings out from the Jeep's speakers
Words of yester years

Summer bridge jumping
Good ol' boys taxidermy
Small towns are charming

Baptist billboard: "Think its hot here?"

Hillbilly this, that
Barns and confederate flags
And river boat queens

Graceland shades and shots
The seventh sense in heaven
Its where Elvis lives.

The dungeon
Opens at midnight
Late night fright

Tonight's fare:
Warm water oysters
From the bar

We'll be stirrin up creole
In the cookin school

Staying inspired
By the things that surround me
Life is pure beauty

More to come...

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