Monday, July 18, 2011


Every since my epic day at Warped Tour 2011, I have been searching through old journals and old blogs for the original "VIPness" poem.  It came to me so effortlessly during my first trip to Hawaii - six days filled with sweet sunshine, fine food and wine, motorcycle rides, fresh leis everyday, sleeping under stars, camp style steak and eggs breakfast on North Shore, island hopping, convertible upgrade on rental car, jumping off waterfalls in Hana, private yacht party, topless suntanning ;) etc etc etc...

I was 26 and as gold flowed through the shiny sparkle in my ginormous smile, the universe showered me with fantastic nods of fate.  

Feeling enriched, I wrote this poem.

The quest
Of a millionaire
Brought here
By happiness
In the air

But mainly,
Coming sanely
Humbly, from me
In to the universe.
A happy curse
Loving the world
Receiving the world

Living queen
VIP machine
What a Giver!
It makes me quiver 
To think
I can feel her

A hot date,
An extra buck.
But VIPness 
Is more high-up
Showering down the love

Waking to a mourning dove
Leaving this
Path of routine
For listening
To the green
Of mother nature

God is blinded by her
But still can see
Real true life energy
Makes the VIP
Live inside YOU
And smile back at ME
So happy :)
Like we have money.

Happy Monday! SMILE :)


  1. I enjoyed this, as I do most of your poems, so I'm glad you found it!

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks! I am so happy I found it, too!