Thursday, July 7, 2011


This post is an ode to people with good karma, LIFERS (Living It Fully Everyday, Remember Smile), the brilliant universe we live in and the wonderful bouts of fate that cross my path quite often. 


(With The Expendables at Warped Tour 2011, Bonner Springs, KS)

Fate is a mind state
Think anything can happen
And sure nuff it will!

I am determined
Every step of the way
To participate

This lil' panda bear
Makes new friends everywhere
Smiley eyes, repeat :)

I met lead singers
Lead guitar and bass players
And chilled on their bus

Better than backstage
Is a place called "Bus City"
With a bar that's free

Expendable guys
And pepper filled edibles
Mingling on tour

New friends mean new songs
Something to listen to now
When you are long gone

Why do we reflect
So perfectly what we see
Ourselves in others?

I've never seen you
But I know you are like me
Your cocked head told me

Why are we drawn near
To things we've only dreamed of
And given a test?

I won't forget it
When I see it in your eyes
That look is alive

Elevate yourself
You deserve majestic love
Fill your heart with light

Is it clear, my love?
Can you hear these songs I sing?
My heart beats for you!

Don't crave abundance
Simply recognize it here
In and around you

I draw happiness
With a mental light pencil
On a blank canvas

The light that I seek
Comes from the sun, the moon and
The soulshine in me.

Ms. Panda

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