Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello there!

I just wanted to share this wonderful feeling I am experiencing with you the form of a "Pandagram!"

I got permission to use this amazing image from graphic artist, Jenikah at SoooGoodStudios.  You can see how she developed the concept and image on her blog titled, "Amanda the Panda-gram" here.

Love and happiness can only be experienced fully when it is shared unselfishly and so I am writing today to give just that.

Yesterday as I waded through the muddy waters of my errands, I managed to maintain a sparkling attitude and by sharing a little of what I had, I released the flood gates of good karma.

Some were small gestures, like giving my mechanic a hug for he lost his cousin the night before and was struggling through the smoldering hot day in that garage.  He appreciated it so much that he text me thank you.

However, one gesture in particular made quite the nice karmic ripple.

As I own a hypochondriac black lab, Lucy, I have become quite the regular at the vet's office down the street.  By befriending the vet techs, I managed to score a pretty constant supply of colorful bird feathers.

So, as a thank you to my vet tech friends, I dropped off a couple of pairs of feather earrings for them.

Giddy with excitement, one of them put the earrings on right away and within an hour she had three custom orders for me!!!

I love life!  Thanks for being a part of it :)

"Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea."
--Luisa from Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Ms. Panda


  1. Love this. I truly believe you get back what you put forward! Thanks for sharing. And the graphic is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tia! It's so true :) Karma is a beautiful thing when used for the good!