Friday, July 8, 2011

Peaking Love

Peaking Love

Take me
Take my art 
Lets create ours
Lets make this world ours
Build a city
In our hearts
Let's go.

Take me
Take my heart
Feel my love start
To pump through your veins
Say those three words
Then let them

Love and
When I'm with you
Smiles multiply 
I shed my pride
Side by side
With you

Time flies
Watch and see
Love knows not time
Mere moments divine
The time is now
Be my guy
Let's fly

Let's go
To a place
We've never been
Experience things
We've never seen
On our own
Til now.

It's here
In our hands
Now is our time
And you are my man
Remember me
My smile
I'm yours.


I titled this baby, "Peaking Love" because my stanzas all resemble small mountains. 
At times love presents us with obstacles, but as a good friend once reminded me, 
"Obstacles are opportunities."  
Don't forget it.  
Smile in the face of fear.  
Love conquers all.


  1. Thanks Jess! It was fun to write, too!!

  2. I love reading your posts--you have such great personality! :) I love the new layout/colors!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Tabithakristine! I love the new panda awesomeness, too! Glad you're here! :)