Monday, September 12, 2011

California Dreamin'...

Stopped into a church-- I passed along the way

Well I got down on my knees-- And I began to pray

It's official.  I am moving to California.  Back to the left coast to make the most -- of this new connection I have been nurturin'... My conversation with God-- my cosmic subconscious that speaks to me in symbols in both my dreaming and waking lives.

Last night was the best thus far.

I dreamed about a dinner at a chef driven restaurant, which is turning out to be my going away dinner at the Classic Cup on the Country Club Plaza...

I dreamed I took up an offering for a friend in need and raised a surprising amount of money, and then after giving it to him, I walked away and found a $100 bill on the ground.  That was the coolest ever!  I am relating it to good karma and a friend in need is a friend indeed--because I found a place two blocks from the beach with a girlfriend who just needs a little financial help right now.  I have a feeling that the experience is going to make us richer in both creativity and spirit!  PLUS there's a BONUS-- She has an adorable 4 year old, who I suspect will give me lots of storytelling practice!  :)))  Stay tuned.It's about to get real.

I dreamed about specific friends and two of them called me out of the blue today -- like WAY out of the blue.

I dreamed that I had a pile of clothes in the middle of my floor, which may come true as I sold nearly all of my furniture within hours of posting it on Craigslist and Facebook.  Different pick up times have been scheduled.  Now it's time to start sorting for the garage sale.  Then comes the car Tetris. ;)

It may sound gross but I dreamed that a bunch of insects ran out of my pile of clothes and into a hole in the thick foundation wall in the garage.  I screamed for my dad and he came down to investigate the madness.  He sprayed insect killer into the hole and then caulked it shut for good!

  • Insects symbolize the irritating minor nagging of the unconscious or daily life - and with the uncertainty of my move, not knowing where I was going to move myself AND two big dogs-- that was pretty naggy and irritating.  Thank God that is figured out for the time being!  
  • My father represents the protector, or in my dream-- a weapon.  This means that I need to become more self reliant and depend on my own resources.  SO VERY TRUE!!!   Being home has served its purpose and now it's time to move on...

I dreamed of a spider, which mystically represents good luck.

I covered the spider with a cup, which may have the widest interpretation in the whole dream.

  • In one sense, it stands for female sexuality.  
  • In another, it represents something passive from which you can draw sustenance.  
  • And finally it can stand for the Holy Grail and the search for spiritual sustenance.  Love and truth.  It is very fortunate, no matter which way I choose to look at it and I am very excited and blessed nonetheless.

I feel like my dream wasn't just luck, it was a symbol of fate and my chance to recognize the direct communication with my unconscious and cosmic subconscious.

This path is my path and I feel it in my bones.  Plus tonight is a full moon in Pisces and that's my astrological sign.  The cosmos are smiling tonight.  Hope you feel it too.


  1. aw! i'm sorry to hear you're leaving us but am super stoked for you too!!

  2. Thanks Jess!!! You must come visit and bring Moose to the ocean sometime ;) My door is always open...