Friday, September 9, 2011

Visualizing Dreams the Rosicrucian Way

I've been educating myself on the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious a lot lately.

My curiosity stemmed from vivid dreams packed with psychic symbols that I began decoding with my dream journal, like this one that I wrote about back in April.  A lot of the time, my dreams feel like a message - a contact from a deeper, universal subconscious - and usually, in a dejavu sort of way, that message reappears to my conscious at some point in the future.  Its a total AH-HA moment and I always meditate on its meaning. old friend contacted me after reading my blog and felt compelled to share a link to a podcast with me.  He urged me to "listen to it with the ears of a child" and has even listened to it over 200 times himself!

I finally listened tonight and to put it lightly, I AM SO FLIPPIN' INSPIRED!!!

Rosicrucian speaker, Frater Erwin Watermeyer speaks in depth about the subconscious in this podcast and his theories are extraordinarily eye-opening and definitely worth having a listen - if you can get passed his thick accent.

As I listened, I typed, paused, typed, played again, typed, thought and so on..

Here is what I wrote during the recording:

  • Does God (a.k.a. cosmic unconscious) speak English when He speaks to us?  Nope.  He speaks in the language of the symbol and before any psychic symbol may be objectively realized, it must first transform itself into our own material language.   
(This is where a dream book/journal comes in handy.)
  • Man's subconscious speaks the language of the symbol.  If one desires to communicate to the subconscious, it must first be visualized with an emotional charge to stimulate the imagination.
(I'm just beginning to work on this part...get back to ya)
  • Visualization - forming a mental picture with a powerful feeling - but only when the conscious and subconscious have trust and faith in each other.  
(I think this one takes some time to master.  The subconscious sends quite a few messages (dreams,           intuitions, etc.) to the conscious, but let's really think about how the conscious communicates with the subconscious.  The closest thing that I have experienced to describe this line of communication came from a Kundalini yoga class.  The teacher was very adamant about consciously releasing poses slowly and with a long exhale BECAUSE the body remembers if you let out a huge sigh of relief and shrug off the pose quickly, in turn noting the subconscious with apprehension to do that practice again.)
  • This principle applies to every message to the cosmic subconscious.  Just as a scale must have an equal amount of weight on each side to be balanced, it is the same what Watermeyer calls the borderline state - when the conscious is only partially subdued, so that it may act as a director or receiver of the subconscious.  
(I experience this a lot when I wake up and go back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Actually, this is the time that I receive most of my psychic symbols and messages.)
  • To apply the law of suggestion -- a subtle command, request, or wish of the subconscious mind -- symbolized in a positive and constructive way (since the inner self only acts positively and constructively) must be transformed into emotionally charged images and symbols to stimulate the imagination.
(I had a migraine today and when I focused on it, it only felt worse.  However, when I closed my eyes and pictured a rainbow in the space where my third eye is, I felt relief.  Maybe this is what he is saying?Hmm... I'm not an expert by any means, but I do know that it made me feel better.)
  • Man's subconscious is ALWAYS open to suggestion - 24/7 - and most of us forget this principle.  In order to receive affirmations, we must always be aware of ALL of the elements around us that effect our dreams, goals, etc.  Watch yourself.  Watch your actions in your worlds. If you have a dream, direct your whole life toward it - not just a half hour of the day.
(Like Watermeyer says in the podcast, if you want to be healthy, you must incorporate health into all areas of your life, including diet, exercise, etc., not just a simple 30 minute meditation session.)
  • Do not underestimate suggestions, for they are not MERELY suggestions, but a phenomenon - with immense abilities to raise man to sublime heights.  Suggestion is God's greatest gift to man.  Like all great gifts, it may be used or abused.  Suggestions have the power to construct or destroy, according to man's state of development.  
(A perfect example of this one is moving in with your domestic partner.  If you worry that the new situation will carry all of the issues of an old one, then it is bound to pan out that way because your fears sabotage it.  However, if you overcome your fears and give the situation a positive and constructive outlook, then the power of suggestion can actually help you grow, which is the idea here. We should all strive to be a master of our own incarnations.)  

So.......if you are like me and wish to become a master of your conscious and subconscious, then try the power of suggestion - in a positive way - and see where it leads you.  :)  It is a powerful instrument to be used in our personal evolution.

To hear the entire podcast, go here.

One Final Thought:  I consulted "The Messiah's Handbook," about two questions today and here were the answers it offered...

"How do you want to come out of this experience--
How do you want to be changed because of it?"

... and ...

"You have the power to do anything you wish, except these two:   
You cannot create reality.   
You cannot destroy it."

At first, it sounded contradictory to what I've been studying above, but when I look at reality as a collection of circumstances, I can only control what I think, say and do. What truly matters is how I choose maneuver around the reality I live in that will make me stronger as an individual.


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  1. God knows how to speak in every language, including the language of symbols.