Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Love of a Flower

The Love of a Flower
By Amanda Steinhaus

Once Upon a Time...

A very rare and beautiful flower grew in a garden at the park.

Everyday people would walk by 
and most stopped to stare at the flower 
for it looked different than any flower of its kind.

Some even bent down and stared long and hard at it.

When people got that close to it, 
the flower could see straight into their eyes!

It soon began to notice that every person was very different, too.  

As the flower grew taller and bloomed fuller, 
it received more attention.  

With the attention came more people 
and the flower really loved all of their humanly differences.

The flower loved the different shapes, sizes, colors, 
and personalities of the different people that stopped by.  
As they admired it, it admired them equally.

The flower thought, 
"People are so lucky to be so different!  
My species is all the same.  
We come from a seed and grow into a flower.  
Most of us look exactly the same.  
I am so lucky to be different, 
because most of us don't have a choice.  
It's in our DNA to be the exact same.  

"My species rarely blooms into a different color or shape, 
but when we do, like I did, 
people call it an anomaly!

However, for humans, 
there is so much diversity that they are all anomalies.  

Did you know that?  You are an anomaly...  

Yes!  You certainly are!  AND don't forget it!

We flowers are watching for your beauty to come out and shine!"

So give them what they want 
and let your differences be like 
the beauty of a rare flower!

Differences make us unique 
and that's what makes this world so beautiful.  

Flowers like this are proof.


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