Sunday, September 18, 2011

Speak Easy in Haiku

A speakeasy, popularized during Prohibition, is an establishment that illegally sells alcoholic beverages.
They are kept highly secret and usually attract an elitist crowd, who sip on swanky cocktails with ingredients unheard of in most bars.

The picture below is of the "Winter in Buenos Aires" cocktail at Manifesto in Kansas City, MO.  
It has a divine blend of Brazilian cachaca (ka-cha-sah), butternut squash puree and something infused with cinnamon and honey.  It's so amazing that I crave it.  

So, last night I satisfied my palate one final time as a farewell to my favorite KC secret. 
Ciao for now, Manifesto! This one's for you :)

Candlelight flickers
Along the dark basement walls
At my speak easy

Down a steep staircase
Led between blowing curtains
To my drinking throne 

The tempest in me
Is feeling kind of spicy
Like hot thai chile

First, I sip slowly
"Winter in Buenos Aires"
 A taste of cold days

Candied ginger bits
Paired with a crafty cocktail
Wake up my taste buds

Outside, when I leave
Two cool guys in an Airstream 
Cook Chilaquiles

I see the word "love"
On the phone pole in the street
Just as you call me

I had the final word
La palabra finale
And then you hung up

Driving home in rain
So late the check point was closed
Time to check myself

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