Thursday, June 30, 2011

Panda Hair Payoff

Hey Hey!

Ms. Panda's got some good news! This blogging jazz is about to pay off! (even if it is in trade)

While getting my hairs did by my Kansas City stylist, Robert Arriaga, our conversation led into ideas of writing and blogging and how we may be able to help each other. 

It turns out that Robert is very interested in growing his blog in every way and with my Blogathon experience and network, I have many of the most current tools available to help!

This is his signature diva making move...

We have so much fun!!!  That's how hair should be... You go in with patience, sit back, relax, chat it up, and then just trust your stylist to make you beautiful.  The end result is such a happy place :)

I think our carefree playfulness led him to ask me to be a featured columnist on his blog during a follow up phone conversation! I will have freedom to write about hair and fashion trends on the street, real life hair issues and concerns and maybe even some hairkus. ;)

How bout one right away? 


Blogging about trends

My fashion sense kickin' in

It's Ms. Panda time!


I'm pretty excited since I began experimenting with different hair colors and styles on my own at 18.  
I remember how each look made my persona skew a bit, my wardrobe rotate and a new side of the Panda emerge.  I'm really looking forward to resurrecting those experiences for inspiration!

Thanks for being here!  I'll post links and updates as it all progresses!  Cheers!

Ms. Panda

Friday, June 24, 2011

Funkalicious Sounds

We got to have it
Get it, heart and soul
Funky free magic

I'm floaty footed
Takin' lessons from James Brown
Get on the good foot!

Missing New Orleans
Fallen in a music trance
Picked up by the beat

Just a wild child
Hungry for the big city,
The vibes in the streets


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haikus from the Heart

There is nothing like new love.

Falling into that bed of emotions is something that we can only individually understand, but that we can all relate to in each other.

Here's to those out there who have felt heartbreak and are still searching for the right one, and those who already found the right one, but long for the days when those first moments of sweet loving began.

Yes, folks, Ms. Panda is smitten. Here's my take on the newness, haiku-style, of course. ;)


A moment to think
Of a thing called love, in ink
How shall I write it?

It's hard to think
Of the words to pick to say
To do this justice

I have been waiting
Trusting in the universe
To show me this door

Patience holds the key
To a complicated life
Everything's alright

Thunder and lightning
Four nights, cuddling closely
In the cool night breeze

Your eyes quiet time
Open a door in my heart
To a true divine

We frolic and play
You lift me up so freely
Our bodies in sync

My tummy grumbles
And you rub around, and round
Bubbles move through me

What patience has taught
No words in a book can teach
My senses are free!

I cannot believe
What I am able to see
When my eyes are closed

The true sign of love
Is not an action, or word
But rather, a spark

Our music still plays
Electrically inside me
I turn up the amp

I hate saying, "bye"
Our time together may end
But my heart keeps you

It's not too late, no
To find what you've waited for
And grab hold real tight

It's always a game
A chase, followed by a play
How will it play out?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drivin' On a 24 Mile Bridge

"Over the limit
Under arrest," the sign says.
Signs, signs everywhere.

The city's growing
The closer we get to it
The better it gets.

Cruisin' the Causeway
Ponchatrain Lake hangs below
As we fly above.

Sippin' a Barney
Abita's Gator & Haze
Happy half-n-half

Vintage reggae plays
The mood is high, set in stone
Gazing in the gray

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A secret power in me
Deeper than sexy

My cuddle orgy
Wild, raw inspiration
Spooning and gripping

My intuition
The second brain in my gut
Bets and always wins

Churning feelings
Creamed upon the pie of life
New flavors daily

It's in us
It's in pure feeling
Passion in love

Monday, June 13, 2011

Road trippin' and Nawlens haikuin'

KC to Memphis
Wearing my Elvis glasses
Gold rims and blues play.

God bless the whole world
No exceptions to the rule
Love one another

Little house carry
Your torches and prideful flags
So you can feel BIG

Hillbilly junction
Ten miles ahead of us
Passed the lakes and cows

Billie Holiday
Sings out from the Jeep's speakers
Words of yester years

Summer bridge jumping
Good ol' boys taxidermy
Small towns are charming

Baptist billboard: "Think its hot here?"

Hillbilly this, that
Barns and confederate flags
And river boat queens

Graceland shades and shots
The seventh sense in heaven
Its where Elvis lives.

The dungeon
Opens at midnight
Late night fright

Tonight's fare:
Warm water oysters
From the bar

We'll be stirrin up creole
In the cookin school

Staying inspired
By the things that surround me
Life is pure beauty

More to come...

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Slew of Haikus

No sleep til ur dead
No matter which path you choose
It's full steam ahead

We were determined
For a twilight zone heaven
And this was our time

California rail
Puff puff puff your cares away
Six nine eleven

Monday, June 6, 2011

Some San Diego Love on a Hot Kansas City Day

Last month I wrote a story recounting my ten year love affair with Harney Sushi in San Diego. That story was picked as a finalist for Harney's 10 Year Anniversary party and I was invited to attend the party for free!
Celebrity chefs, live music, and ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI!!! Amen.

Here's a little video of the fun times followed by the story I wrote ;)


Harney Sushi 10th Anniversary! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.

My Harney Story
By Amanda Steinhaus

Harney, oh Harney…

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I must begin with your birth. When you first sprung out of that small space on Harney Street in Old Town, I was there. We celebrated my best friend, Pammy’s 21st birthday that year. You were just one side of that building back then, but you had so much promise, I knew you would be our celebration vessel for many years to come.

I do recall the trials and tribulations of that first year, but as all great things come to life, with the support of dedicated family and friends, so did you. You thrived on the business of locals and your success stemmed from countless man hours invested by those who to-this-day wear your heart on their sleeves.

I visited you many times throughout my years in southern California. I cherished the close friendships I held with your owners, the sushi chefs, the servers and the bus boy that always brought me cucumbers for my water.

I specifically recall a night of debauchery that began with countless sake bombs taken in one of your high backed corner booths. It was my 24th birthday and I wore a purple wig to add to the festivities! Our celebration was so infectious that the diners in the neighboring booth couldn’t resist joining in on our fun and even bought a few extra rounds! Needless to say, the wig came off and I let my wild hairs flow!

When I moved back to San Diego after finishing up my degree in LA, our relationship really blossomed! You had grown so much while I was away and one of your best attributes became the VIP booth that you boasted with so much grandeur! It became the stage for my next three birthdays, as well as any fun dinner parties with which I longed to impress my guests. The privacy of its curtains, the sexiness of the soft leather cushions surrounded by those deep red walls, and the authority it commanded by sitting a bit higher than the rest of the surrounding tables. You had created the ultimate “cloud” in sushi heaven!

It was from this booth that I ate countless sushi surprises, like my favorite “Todduritos,” and sipped sophisticatedly on lychee martinis. I shared bottles of Moonstone Pear sake and J. Roget sparkling wine with countless friends and what happened behind those curtains, only you and I know. You made me happy Harney, oh so happy.

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you stepped up your presence in my life by sponsoring the community art shows that I organized at Rock Paper Scissors in Ocean Beach. You didn’t hesitate to provide beautiful trays of assorted sushi that disappeared as soon as they were set out for guests! And what was even better than that -- was that your owners always came in person and on a few occasions they purchased pieces of artwork, like the one pictured, that decorated your Old Town walls for quite some time.

Harney, when it comes to sushi, you complete me. Throughout the last ten years, we have built a lasting relationship that no other even comes close to in comparison. You have taught me about the amazing flavors of sushi, like my favorite albacore belly, and in my opinion, you hold the quality standard in sushi. I have watched eagerly as you have grown and expanded your vision of exactly what a sushi bar can be. You opened another location in Oceanside, which is like Old Town on steroids (in all the good ways). You hired amazing new chefs that have taken the unique Japanese ingredients that a sushi bar offers and created mouth watering dishes that win culinary awards left and right.

Your presence in the world of sushi has far outgrown you and I can only sit back and applaud your successes. You have made me proud, Harney, and I will always cherish those days when it was just us. But now is your time! Happy 10th birthday and cheers to many more wonderful decades to come.

Love always and forever,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If You See Me Gettin' Smaller...

If you see me gettin' smaller
I'm leavin', don't be free there
Just got to get away from here
If you see me gettin' smaller
Don't worry and no hurry
I've got the right to disappear

-Waylon Jennings

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mixed Poetry

Today's post includes a poetic tossed salad. 

I am throwing in one fairy tale haiku, a copy of "The Bass Whisperer," written in calligraphy and a haiku inspired by my pen pal, Dana.

I sent the latter two to Dana via snail mail today :)


She finds prince charming
Only exists in her books
But keeps believing

The above written haiku was inspired by two people, Anaïs Nin and my pen pal, Dana.

If you haven't heard of Anaïs Nin, check her out.  I especially love her words.  Like this...

"She took her pattern of life from men but she was not a masculine woman. She demanded the freedom to change, to evolve, to grow. She was not a feminist at all but struggling against the feminine side of herself in order to maintain her integrity as an individual."
-Anaïs Nin
She has many more, all equally delicious reading.

As for Dana's part in all of this, it all started the night we met at that awesome concert.  She spoke about how younger girls try to be so "sexy" nowadays, but that being "sensuous," was way deeper.  Then, last night in an email I wrote her I mentioned my poem, "The Bass Whisperer," and how I had emailed it to the extremely charming bass player from the band that night.  :) I guess he liked it, because he wrote back. I promised Dana that I would write it in calligraphy and send it to her, since it's super sexy and she and her husband, Ron, should love it.

She replied,

"I look forward to reading your poem.  The calligraphy should take it from sexy to sensuous.  I think sensual and sensuous are underappreciated in the world of words...but I digress.  Too bad he (the bass player from the band) had to read it in cold electronic print."

I like that. 




It's true.  That's why I like sharing my calligraphy so often on here.  It just feels different. :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Blogathon Recap

I did it!  I finished the 2011 Blogathon -- I blogged every single day in May like a good girl!  

Thanks so much to Michelle Rafter for organizing this Blogathon so professionally and so very compassionately.  I am happy I signed up and never looked back!  From this experience, I have gained the satisfaction of meeting and completing a personal challenge.

Through my month of blogging, my page views have doubled, my poetic voice has strengthened, my blogging "toolbox" has grown and my ability to use these new tools is proving quite useful.

For example, the day I woke to tornado sirens, I also came across an image on Facebook that I couldn't resist asking for permission to use.  I received a yes - and forged ahead with a story that was begging to be told.  That blog quickly became the second most viewed entry in my short blogging history!   I followed my instincts and it worked!  Yes!!!!  :)))

I am happy I finished the race, pushing myself to post daily, starting a new blog on WordPress when Blogger went down and beginning a new creative endeavor for myself!  I also learned about links and how to use them thanks to our hostess Ms. Rafter on her blog.

I plan to keep blogging everyday and found it to be pretty easy after learning about scheduling my posts.  Ah ha!  No more worrying about what I will write and typing wildly until 11:59pm.  Yay!

Finally, I learned about Wordles and even used one as a teaser to my following day's post.  It was fun!  I think I will do it again!

So, in the end I feel happy. :) I hit my wall about half way through, cursed the Blogathon like a sailor, but made it out of the darkness and now I feel goooood.

Looking forward to the next one and adding even more to my box of blogging tools!

Best to all,
Amanda aka Ms. Panda

Wordle: Blog 2011