Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just Roll With It...

Whether with family, or friends,
At an art gallery, or park
Always make sure you roll down the hill :)

At the Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA

This is me rolling (gracefully) down the hill at the Getty.

This is how my nephew, Michael, rolls at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, MO.

The finish.


Have fun!


  1. Love it! Great reminder to just enjoy life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE it! Awesome :)
    I am loveing your whole blog, so much heart and spirit in your posts :)

  3. Thank you both for being here :)
    I can honestly say that this Blogathon and I are at odds. Posting heart and spirit everyday (even on rainy days) has proven a challenge.
    It is encouragement like this that keeps me keepin on. And I sincerely thank you for that!