Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TODAY IS HAIKU DAY!!! #blog2011

Today is Day 10 of the Word Count Blogathon and the theme is HAIKU!

This style of poem, which you can learn about here http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Haiku-Poem, is composed of 17 sound units divided into three parts - one with 5 units, one with 7 units and another with 5 units.

They are pretty easy to write and I love composing them from overheard voices.  In fact, this process actually makes for some very interesting haikus, like these that I wrote while listening to a sermon on a Sunday morning.

Baptised in fire
Purged by God's own holy will
Burn away your sins.

If you yield to Him
God will announce your purpose
Don't go your own way!

Aren't you curious
To know and live God's purpose?
It's why you are here.

Relax and enjoy
Trust that he has brought you here
To show you the way.

You will be a queen
If that is in your future
Strive to rule like Him.

Predestined within
We are justified with Him
To be used for good.

Can you tell what the sermon was about?  What a great exercise to try.  I love reading them again.  I will never forget that sermon now and can always revisit it for inspiration.

I also like to write haikus when I go out with my friends!  Sometimes they tease me for pulling out my journal at a bar. ;)

The happy hippy
Is she writing a haiku?
Flower poet child.

But the best ones are the ones I write when I am alone, thinking, contemplating a subject and feeling the urge to get its point across poetically.  This one is my hands-down favorite haiku ever:

Honest to a fault
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Like a truth tattoo

I actually have a running list of haiku poems that I published here on my blog:

So how about you?
Think you can write a haiku?
Try it here and now ;)

Feel free to add yours
In an empty comment box
Don't forget to share ;)

Happy Haiku Day! 
Get out and enjoy the sun :)
Tan those blank pages.

Thank you for reading
I cannot stop myself now...
Haikus keep coming!

I will never stop
Unless I do it myself
Right here and right now!

;)  Ms. Panda


  1. I like your haiku
    you clearly are a master
    bowing, I retreat

  2. This is impressive and inspiring all at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Appreciate it
    This Blogathon is so fun
    Thanks for stopping by!