Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haikus for Joplin

After reading a spread in the Sunday paper about the disaster in Joplin, I decided to try and do a haiku recap, like news in poetry form.

Trees, once leafy oaks
Stand as mangled trunks, naked
Anchored by their roots.

The question now is,
"Do I want to live here still?
Or start somewhere new?"

Like 9/11
There's life before the storm
And life after it.

We will overcome
We will rebuild this city
Gotta believe it.

Address: FEMAville
Neighborhood, not livelihood.
Home for a few months?

Working on a plan
Seeking out debris dump sites
Can't we recycle?

Another landfill
Millions of tons of rubble
Buried in the ground :(

American flags
Flying proud from the wreckage
Homeless optimists :)

We're undecided
Should we stay, or should we go?
No easy answer.

Battered businesses
With plywood-covered windows
Post "We're open" signs

Back to work again
Chainsaws start cutting into
The tornado scar

And just for fun, I created a Wordle out of these haikus, which I featured in yesterday's post as a teaser for today~

Wordle: joplin wordle

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  1. I used to go through Joplin occasionally during the 1980's when I lived in Arkansas. I think most of those residents are going to stay. There is an unbelievable spirit in Joplin.

    Very touching post.