Saturday, May 14, 2011

Promoting my FB page with a contest

At 1:00amCentral Time on 5/7/11, I posted a contest on my Facebook author page.  This is what it read:

"So, I need a date to Rockfest and decided the only way to be fair would be to create a contest.
Here's all you have to do:
Share a link to my author page in your status, ask your friends to "like" me & upon "liking" have them post your name on my wall.
The winner will be the one whose name appears the most!
Contest ends Sat., 5/14/11 at 10am. GOOD LUCK!!!"

At that time I had 196 "likes."  I wanted to see how many new "likes" I could tally up in one week by sweetening the pot.  Now, I am sure that not all of my FB fans love rock, or even care about it enough to enter, but I had the idea and felt the urge to just go with it! 

The next morning I woke up and tweeted my Rockfest contest, which happened to lead me to 98.9 The Rock's hosts Johnny Dare and Jason Nivens.  Dare didn't bite, but Nivens did and word got out fast!  I even received a call from my cousin who heard about it from a friend.  The contest was on! 

At 10:00am today my total "likes" had hit 274!  I gained 78 pairs of eyes reading my posts.  I am very proud, but also feel like falling over from the "date" that I had to the Rockfest all day today. Next time I will just offer the pair of tickets.

Experiment successful, lesson in life gained.

And there's even a BONUS!!!  My cousin got us backstage to mingle among some of the bands!  Sweet!

Getting autographed =)

What should my next contest be?  Any ideas out there?  Definitely something more writing centered...

As always, thanks for reading! 
Check my Facebook fan page out for yourself!

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