Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Blind Men and The Elephant

I overheard a story today that has Hindu origins, but basically describes the concept, "All roads lead to God."  It's just a short anecdote I overheard and thought I would share.  I may not have the whole story here, but you will get the point, I'm sure.

The story is about a few blind men in India who encounter an elephant.  
Curious, they all touch different parts of the animal to try and understand what it actually is.

One of them grabs the elephant's leg and describes, "It's like a tree trunk."

Another grabs its tail and says, "No, it's more like a vine."

Yet another grabs its ear and says, "You are both wrong, it is like the fan of the palm."

The story illustrates that without an objective authority to see the whole animal as an elephant, the men will always cling to their ideas and how they feel - convinced that they are right.  

Similarly, different religions claim that their interpretations of God are the right and only way to interpret His glory.

However, we can only be open to the existence of something greater than anything we can see or imagine during our short and seemingly "blind" trials on earth, which makes me wonder, "Do all roads lead to God?"

One thing I know for sure - God is Love - and the Word is my path to receiving His blessings. 

What do you think?

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