Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Beginnings

So... I signed up for this Blogathon 2012 thing. 

It's a challenge - organized by seasoned freelancer, Michelle Rafter - to get writers to blog every day in May - with no holes or gaps.

This year I am excited and feel confident about completing the task, since even though Blogger went down midway through the challenge last year and I had to jump ship to wordpress, I completed it.

That reminds me... the NEW BLOG I started that day is a really good idea and I need to get back to it!! Of course it has to do with PANDAS!  But this time, it is from the perspective of the PANDA!!!

Anyway, this year I have lots of different ideas to post about, especially since there are so many individuals involved in this Blogathon community to read and bounce my thoughts around with, but also our host has a Calendar of Events, like May 21st, which is "Haiku Day." That day is, of course, my favorite day. 

Here's a link to my Haiku Day post last year, which I wrote from overheard dialogue - specifically a Sunday sermon!!!  My Haiku post made it into the weekly recap by the Blogathon facilitator and I remember feeling so proud of myself, like a pre-schooler getting a gold star for being good.  It felt soooo rewarding.

So I am back!  And I am excited to write, to share my thoughts, to outline more of my goals, and to meet other awesome writers!  It feels like a family reunion and a rebirth all at once.

My final thought for the day comes from a book I randomly pulled off the shelf called, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Peale, who writes:

"The secret is to fill your mind with thoughts of faith, confidence and security."

Peale encourages us all in all of our endeavors - instead of being haunted by insecurities and fears, focus on courage and confidence and radiate magnetism!!!  It's May 1st, a new beginning to a month in Spring, which is also a time of rebirth.  May God bless us all with smiles, attitudes of extreme joy and such excitement and energy that anyone and everyone is drawn to be near us!!!

It's all about the present moment and what is important today!  Rejoice in this day and be glad in it!  For we have no time to maintain regrets when you think about how much He loves us!

The last line comes from an awesome Christian song, "He Loves Us," by Kim Walker, which I find so moving and strong, that I had to share!  Hope you have a wonderful MAY 1ST!!!!

Ms. Panda

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