Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayer Works!

"To be disappointed in someone is to have belief in someone. People are human. They are not perfect. Sinners sin. Pray for them," Pastor Miles from the Rock Church in San Diego. Don't waste time worrying about situations and people. Worry is a pack of ravenous wolves - scary and negative. Belief is freedom and liberation from worry. God has a plan and everything is part of that plan. He loves us so much and just wants a relationship with us - one where we are completely humble and servant. He wants our trust to be in Him, not in man. Whatever problem we are facing, talk to Him. PRAY. He will answer. And you will feel better with all that negative energy and weight lifted from your life. Trust God. Judging and preaching to someone isn't the answer. Just love them and treat them equally. Don't judge. That's for Him to do. If you love someone who is hurting themselves or you, pray for God to fill their heart and heal their pain. Pray that God will answer your call and show His love and He will.

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