Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He's Calling!!!

There is a saying,
 “Faith is knowing there is an ocean when you can only see the stream.”

If we just release it all to God, and trust in Him,
there is no reason to worry
no reason to fear
no darkness
He is the light and He is calling!
Will you answer?

I did.

And since then I have been called again and again -
and just like a good friend -
our relationship is getting stronger and stronger!

I am not only called to write about my relationship with God,
but also to make music and worship Him,
I do it all for HIM. 

I trust that if I do it all with Him in mind,
with Him in total control,
it will all work out
for His greater plan.

So I wrote a verse thinking of my many callings:

Me: Ring! Ring! He's calling!
It's the Lord! It's the Lord!
Jesus: Answer me, please...
Me: Sing! Sing! It's my calling!
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
Jesus: Sing from your knees...
Me: King! King! He's almighty!
He is Lord! He is Lord!
Jesus: I love you more...
Me: Bling! Bling! Hit the lottery!
I have scored! I have won!
Jesus:  Child, it's only just begun!
Me: Blink! Blink! I cannot see!
My heart shines! Shines His light!
Jesus: See, now you're free!!!
Me: Think! Think! Now I'm free!
Tell them all! Share His love!
Jesus: Let's meet in heaven above!
Me: Drink! Drink! His blood shed for me!
Eat! Eat! My testimony!
Jesus: I am the three...
The Father, The Son, Holy Spirit inside
Me: Call me home after the ride
Show me love when I walk through the door,
On earth as it is in heaven FOREVERMORE!
Jesus: AMEN!

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