Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Blue Light

Chained to my phone
The light is on
But no one's home
I'm in the zone

Glued to a screen
Blue energy
Passing into me
Everyday, always.

I'm wastin time
Life is goin by
Is a device
Worth my life?

I'm getting old
Those around me
They are old, too
Days are numbered

Marked by an A
Drawn on my chest
The same A when
I gave my best

It's on yours, too
Nothin' you can do
Can't get unglued
From the Big Blue,

Light that is.

Go on, try it.
Try and deny it.
You can time it
It won't be long.

The Big Blue Light
Is mighty strong
It sucks you in
Makes you belong

Connected by
A networked life
Your favorite sites

But look outside
Now is the time.
See the sunlight
It feels so fine.

Soaks in your skin
Warms ya within
So smile to the sky
And bye bye blue light.

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