Sunday, August 28, 2011

Listen To Your Emotions

I went to a workshop on intuition once and the one thing I took from it was that a woman is at her highest psychic ability when she is just about to get her period.  

In some cultural traditions, like those of the Khoisan women in the Kalahari, women are ritually most powerful when menstruating.

However, in the western world, instead of honoring this deep insight, we shun it as if it's just another painful side effect of nature's monthly curse to women.

It's the thoughts and emotions that come out of these highly sensitive times that are heartfelt communications with our inner selves.  These precious gems should not be stereotyped and passed off, but valued for their intimacy.

I believe that our unconscious uses our intuition to signal our minds about our true feelings regarding our situations.  Instead of writing the answers to our life dramas on the wall for us to see, we struggle to understand mixed emotions and let ourselves get down, feel insecure, or worse, lash out at loved ones.  Once the dust settles, we feel like a dog who just wet the carpet by the door to the back yard - complete with our tail between our legs.  If  we are smart, we apologize for making such a mess and hopefully have the support of our loved ones to lift us back up.

Sadly, most women are not that fortunate.  Since I was a teenager, I can remember people saying, "Oh, it's just your period," when I would freak out those couple days out of the month.  But it wasn't.  The period just got the bad rap, but its really quite a gift.

Ha!  I know.  I just said that the female menstrual cycle is a gift.  Sounds crazy, but is true.

The gift here is awareness.  If we are feeling low, it is most likely because our bodies know that we aren't safe and sound in regards to an important matter in our lives.  Our unconscious and intuition join forces to "ring an alarm" for our conscious to take notice.  What is the alarm saying exactly?  That is the mystery.

The point here is listen to your emotions. Even if you are a male reading this, every reaction, interpretation, and feeling that you experience in life started somewhere deep inside you.  Men are just as capable of tuning in as women. In fact, I believe that is when we are most in harmony.  When males and females listen to each other carefully, mind - body - soul, the communication and understanding allow us to advance into deeper, more loving relationships with others and ourselves. We are the yin and the yang, our energies dancing between us always.  We control our grace-full-ness. 

Listen more.


  1. Great insightful post Amanda :) This really made me think - you're wonderful :)


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Georgia! I never know how my writing will be interpreted when I put it out there--so thank you! Glad my thoughts perked yours :)