Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hiding Haikus

7/5/11 - From the lake

Broken fishing line
Carving R + A in the dock
Sunburned, itching bites

7/16/11 @7:15am - After Working Global Dance Festival

Got a contact high
From all them kids who got dibs
They forgot to tip

7/17/11 - In my car

Sitting at a light
Trying to finish this poem
Before it turns green

7/23/11 - Cali Road Trip Day 1

Silo graveyard
Windmill farms


Crossing the border
Going to California
I thought I'd warn ya!

No sleep 'til you're dead
No matter which path you choose
It's full steam ahead!

7/29/11 - In Chatsworth with Jessie
*All words taken from "The Idler's Glossary," by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell

Beautiful loser
Beg to be a benchwarmer
Born tired, bored bum

Absentminded bag
Daydreaming handy dandy
Dizzy do-nothing

Distracted doodle
Drag a dose of those dog dreams
From that dress-and-breath

An easy going 
Epicurean entrope
Fiddled around France

Independent gal
It takes minimal effort
To start stargazing  

7-29-11 - "Groupku" with Jessie and Mar @ Los Toros Restaurant.

Parking lot pimping
After a few cadillacs
Cirque-sters reunite

7/31/11 - Driving down to San Diego with Austin on a Sunday

What is God to you?
It's different for everyone
God is truth and hope.

8/2/11 - 3 Days in Bird Rock, La Jolla

Surfing to smurfing
Sucking on free lollipops
Thriving in flip flops

8/5/11 - Crashing in the top bunk by USD.

"Life's a mystery
to be lived. Not a problem
That needs to be solved."

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