Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earning Genius Status

The Heist! at Rock Paper Scissors presents works of art from the Vault in a hip hop inspired event

By Jessie King

On the night of Friday, September 29th, Rock Paper Scissors opened their doors for a hip hop inspired event presented by Works from the Vault.


art by Spencer Little

The Heist! coordinated by creative genius Amanda Steinhaus brought together local artists with people passionate about music and fashion to party in the sea breeze of infamous Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA.




Upon entering the event, a vibe of open creativity reached out with open arms to welcome people of good vibrations. 


Sarah and Noel

Art show attendees browsed through rows of hand crafted art stands that call RPS home.  They then moseyed into the Vault where they were served free wine and delicious sushi provided by Miso HARNEY SUSHI while art lovers displayed their affection for creativity.  Featured artists included Sake, Optic, Romali and Godoyski. 


Warren, Rally Rall, artist Romali, buyer Dustin Summerville and Amanda

An ear for music led many people to the outside lounge where DJs were spinning hip hop beats, playing mostly old school and fresh original mixes. 

Rally Ral and Mane 1

Featured DJs included Tenshun, Jo-ill, Mane 1 and Existence 76, and Rally Rall.  There was also a featured guest performance by Destijl. 


With the music playing, live art was created by the creatively inspired DJ Epiphany, Pres 1 and Rocferd 1. 

Partygoers lounged on hammocks and contemporary seatings while breakdancers showed off their skills to the beat. 

Taylor Romero

DJ Mane 1

Later on in the night breakdancers also filled the Vault and battled in the main hall of the art show, repping a true exemplification of the essence of hip hop, bringing all the creative forces of art and music together.

Amanda Steinhaus announces the start of the fashion show with DJ Jo-ill

Around this same time, an announcement was made by Steinhaus from the DJ booth that the fashion show was ready to begin!  Everyone migrated to the front of Rock Paper Scissors where a large plastic canvas displayed at the end of the runway for models to create even more live art. 

DJ Epiphany


As the show began, loud screams were heard as Epiphany strutted down the runway in a design by Steinhaus.  When she reached the end of the runway she drew a big heart on the plastic canvas. 

Valerie Summerville and Kingston

Epiphany was followed by models Allie, Verdel, Prince, Stephanie, Valerie who added their own contributions to the live art.  Kingston the dog bravely strutted his stuff as well rocking the designers duds. 

Finally the ladies of the evening, designers Steinhaus and Summerville strutted down the runway to the excitement of the crowd.

Designers Amanda Steinhaus and Danielle Summerville

The fashion show featured reinvented designs by Steinhaus and Summerville with material from sponsors Tribal Gear, Armory 'A SD Thing', and American Apparel.  Other sponsors included Access Music, Homegrown Blends, and who could forget the wonderful people at Miso HARNEY SUSHI!

Everyone is very excited about next months show in the Vault at Rock Paper Scissors which will take place beflore election day on November 1st, featuring political installations, performance pieces, live music and an open mic.

Right to left: Amanda Steinhaus, Day1ne, Behnaz Gochin

*Photos by Jessica King*

Art Show Coordinator
Amanda Steinhaus

Rock Paper Scissors
4976 Newport Ave.
Ocean Beach, CA 92107
(619) 222-ROCK

Miso Harney Sushi
3964 Harney Rd.
Old Town, San Diego
(661) 295-3272

Left to right: Valerie, Karina, Verdel, Allie, Amanda, Danielle, Epiphany, Prince, Stephanie, Danielle

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