Monday, August 29, 2011

Winter - Written While High On Cocoa!

I know its still summer, but this poem originally came to me from San Diego in 2002 and found me again today as I shuffled through a stack of old Hallmark cards and sentimental notes.  It makes me feel remarkable and so I feel I must share it with you!


Written by Eric Fisher while high on cocoa!
January 19, 2002

It dawned on me the other day
Thinking back when you went away

Back in December it was just the time
It started on hot cocoa instead of Corona n lime

The days were gettin' shorter, the nights grew long
Longer than a Barry Manilow song

Coincidence or not, the moment you leave
I had to switch from short to long sleeve

Even the ocean was full of anger and fury
Mr. Pacific knew you split to Missouri

It's been so grey, so cold, I needed some answers
Before I start poppin' some mood enhancers

Then it came to me as I drank some dairy
The idea and foundation for an ingenious theory

I got the newspaper, Section D
And checked the weather out in KC

It was 60 degrees, lo and behold
It's January, danggit! Where was the cold?

My sis majored in weather, she definitely would know
Living in Chicago, she'll tell me where's the snow

I told her to aim the satellites onto KC
A warm fuzzy glow emerged from the screen

She distracted her boss and zoomed in the cam
Got all silent, then said, "Hot diggity dam!"

She pressed, "Print Screen," and sent me the pic
When I opened the image, my jaw dropped like a brick

It was a picture of you in your lil' white car
With a smile on your face brighter than a star!

When you left San Diego, your sunshine went, too
No one else could do that, only You!

I LOVE L.I.F.E.R.S. - Live It Fully Everyday, Remember Smile :)

You can read some of my original poetry here on my blog :)   Have a great day!

Here's a Barry Manilow's "Mandy" just for fun! 

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