Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature of Mother

Every month, an earthquake rumbles in my womb.
Fault lines emerge
Destroying the rich crimson walls
That took weeks to build.

The chemistry disrupts
Inside my blood
A roller coaster of hormones
Takes off...

Trudging uphill, backwards
Hitting every plank
A rickety old track--
Tests my confidence and patience.

I crest the hill
Free falling along the course
Losing my guts,
Clinging to my sanity
The world flips upside-down,
My stomach turns sour.
I want to be back on the ground
Sturdy again, but I must wait.

The cart stops
I step out
Back in the warm sun
Thank God it's over!

Familiar with the course
I am ready
Building up courage now
For next month's round.

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