Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Living the dream?


Dreaming about living?

(a thoughtful blog by Amanda Steinhaus)

I was thinking today about the conscious vs the unconscious.

Our conscious is our awareness, our rational processes, and our ability to retrieve memories easily. It is our waking life, our choices and our sense of self.

Our unconscious is the collective of past conflicts, anxiety and pain.  The unconscious influences us with urges, unpleasant feelings and unacceptable thoughts.  It also appears as our intuition and communicates directly with us through our dreams.

This is a very important process, for in my experience, when I compare the symbols and interpretations from my dreams, I am able to see my intuition at work.  Sometimes in my waking life, outside influences will drown out my intuitive voice, and decisions seem harder to make, especially when I am being a people pleaser.  
I have folded for others and my dreams have suffered from doing so.

So here's my thought on the matter:  
We are uniquely ourselves, thick with layers of experiences and lessons learned, filled in with genetic traits, and topped with dreams and aspirations.
It is up to us to make things happen in this life.  
We are humans - the species with the most capable minds - and it is only up to us individually to decide to start living our dreams. 

Our analytic conscious will come up with all of the excuses we could ever need to stay down and just float through life the way it is now, but our vast unconscious knows our capablities and somehow already knows what we truly want to become anyway.
Don't let the noise of your fears or other's opinions drown out this inner voice.  
Recognize it.  Listen to it.  Decode it with dream symbols.  
Take the reigns on your dreams and bring them to life!

If you aren't a big dreamer, or don't feel an intuitive connection with your dreams, then try meditation.  There has been some research, in terms of EEG,  into physiological changes in yogis and people who practice  meditation. Brain waves during meditation show a distinct difference between those corresponding to ordinary relaxation.

Many report that by silencing the mind, the answers will appear.  Maybe this is what is coming up on those EEG reports?  When our unconscious and conscious harmonize, we can see the light - literally - and so can the EEG reader ;)

So here's to realizing the dream and LIVING IT!  

Best of luck to you however you get there.


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