Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta!


It is income.

The way you get your chips.

The cards in your hand, and the one up your sleeve you haven't played yet.

I was talkin' about my different hustles tonight 
- my jewelry and an organic liquor - 
both word of mouth businesses, and that's when it hit me.

My true dream hustle is my writing and it's just like any other hustle out there, 
you gotta have a great product and you gotta get talkin' about it.  

So I started to tell my friend, 
"I've never hustled my Children's stories before, but.." 
then I told him My Clown Story  from memory and when I was finished he said,

"You're Gangsta!" 

And to be told that you are a "G" in your Children's story hustle, well, that's about as cool as it gets.  

Now don't get me wrong - it's not like the thug on the street gangster that I'm callin' cool.

It's like the #10 definition for "Gangsta" in  UrbanDictionary.com:

"A playful attempt to put a glamorous face on an aspect of urban life that almost everyone considers unfortunate. The nearest pop culture equivalent would be the portrayal of lawyers on TV."

It's the court room cool.
    Sharper facts and faster thoughts.    
The stronger argument. 
You've got the edge.
You're in the zone.

That's the gangsta I'm talkin' about!



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