Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strength + Inspiration = ReLOVEution

I must be honest.  I watched this video because of the freeze frame image that appears on it before you play it.  It caught my interest.  I was both shocked and curious.  Does that mean that I am a part of the cycle?  Am I subconsciously contributing to the degradation of women?  In my heart, I think not.  However, it is content like this that makes me WAKE UP and see the problem for what it is..not just something out of my hands...but something CLEARLY linked to my choices and actions as a woman.

This video moved me.  Thank you http://www.missrepresentation.org/!  I visited the site and took the pledge to spread the word even though I already shared it on Facebook!

However, I went back to Youtube to read other's comments about the video.

Here are some hard truths that I found:

"Get ready for an unpopular opinion, but the world will NEVER stop looking at women the way we do......until women stop looking at themselves the way they do."

"This video started with a great real premise, the media effect on young women. It ended with an old stupid argument, men vs women. If you listen to this guy (4:45) he makes it sound as if media is tilted against women and it is just not true. Men are always portrayed as immature, losers and incapable of growing up (man-child). Women are always successful and superior as men. Read The Atlantic article "The End of Men" and google "Media Portrayals Of Men". Both genders are being degraded."

SO, I went on to read http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/07/the-end-of-men/8135/ and I believe that men are not to be battled against in this argument, but a force to be teamed up with to gain a step in the right direction.  

Let's not blame media and men for this outcome, but rather be accountable ourselves and make our own decisions to change the way world we live in.

It matters what we choose to look at, how we perceive it, and whether we let it affect us or not.

If we stop looking and feeding into the media's show, then we may be the catalyst for change in our own reality.  Happiness is found by realizing what we DO have, not by what the media tells us we need.

Here's to happiness :)

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